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Eagle Bikes 2021 Models in Pakistan
Eagle Fire Bird DG70 Price in Pakistan

Fire Bird DG70

Diamond Group of Industries is the famous mattress manufacturers in Pakistan, with a reputation of durability and comfort. Eagle Motorcycles is the subsidiary of Diamond Group of Industries offering similar class and top-notch products. Eagle Engineering Group holds up a control into the automotive industry of Pakistan which produces a wide range of

  • Cycles
  • Motorcycle
  • Rickshaw
  • Auto spare parts

Eagle Motorcycles is currently manufacturing a wide range of the 70cc motorcycle naming Eagle DG70 Firebird and so forth. According to the customers of Eagle motorcycles, it's more comfortable than many of the China-manufactured bikes and has an economical price with respect to their specs.

Latest Comments

Eagle has a good drip on the motorcycle industry here in Pakistan. They meet the standards and are offering amazing products. 

By: Raja Muneeb on 26-07-2019

Pakistani local brands like Eagle have an amazing quality. Its features are perfect. I saw them here and the only bike model of this company is actually unique. 

By: Rao Ammar on 22-07-2019

Eagle bikes actually have the power of Eagle. I really like it. 

By: Taskeen on 17-07-2019

Eagle has not yet launched many bikes in Pakistan but its Fire Bird DG 70 is good and recommendable. 

By: Sheikh Yousaf on 13-07-2019

Where are the authorized whole sale dealer of eagle bikes in rawalpindi or islamabad ???

By: Kashif Hassan on 18-07-2020

Where can i get 2020 model of eagle from pindi or island ??? And mention price please ???

By: Kashif Hassan on 18-07-2020

Anyone tell why eagle bike is not refistered in karachi yet

By: Sudheer on 25-11-2019

I like eagle best power full bike dg70 I use and happy

By: Asghar Ali Rana on 27-08-2019